• Spice it Up Loops
  • Spice it Up Loops

Spice it Up Loops

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Spice it Up Pearl loops features Cardamom - The Queen of Spices & Black Pepper - The black gold. These are the most valuable
spices that have been used for centuries for their aroma, flavor enhancement and in Ayurvedic medicines.
A set of varied shape, size & texture put together to elevate your brunch look.
Real cardamom & pepper plated in 24kt gold adored with fresh water pearl.
Each spice is unique in its shape and size which means every piece you own is one of a kind.
Extremely light in weight.

       Size :  2 inches

Care :

  • Keep away from moisture and water.
  • Avoid using fragrance when you put on the jewelry.
  • Store the jewelry in a separate box.
  • Our Jewelry does not tarnish in the long run.
    But fading is a natural process that can happen due to sweat, water or moisture.